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Passion Projects.


Pushing for Academic Excellence

We designed Entervarsity to enrich and diversify educational institutions with brilliant students from all over the world. Making accurate and essential information about educational opportunities available in Ghana has opened a whole new world of possibilities to students around the world. We love to see well-informed students making bold decisions to create a better world.


Forward with Feedback

The Echo Customer Feedback app is one of our ingenuine creations, uniquely designed for the Accra City Hotel. The challenge we sought to remedy was drawing up a solution that would allow customers of the hotel to give feedback in a discreet way. Through the united effort from our human resource and tech team, we designed Echo. The app gives customers the freedom to give feedback while enabling Accra City to get closer to its clients by responding to their pain points with personalized solutions. The impact of the Echo app has been significant - rewarding the hotel with multiple awards for outstanding customer care and improving sales.